Work smarter and eliminate inefficiencies. HTrack GPS vehicle tracking allows you to add more jobs to each workday. In our experience, companies have seen a 10-15% increase in work orders completed after implementing GPS tracking systems. HTrack GPS tracking can increase productivity for your small business. As a fleet manager or business owner, you dont have enough hours in the day to get everything done. Let fleet tracking help make your job easier and more productive.

  • Increased visibility allows decisions to be made quickly and accurately saving time and labour costs
  • Improve routing efficiencies and deploy the nearest vehicle to a job or site
  • Be proactive to reduce downtime and waiting time of vehicles and accomplish more jobs in a day
  • Make it easier for everyone in the office by running reports and streamlining the workload
  • An added benefit of GPS Tracking is employees who are aware that their employer can see their location become more productive
  • Optimise the use of vehicles and efficiently complete more jobs in a day
  • Cut out wasted time and reduce communication costs by not having to call drivers to know there whereabouts
  • Always know where your vehicles are, no calling around to drivers
  • Add more jobs due to improved dispatching
  • Reduce human error with automated time sheets
  • Get reports emailed daily or weekly automatically




HTrack GPS tracking Software helps your business reduce costs in a number of innovative ways

  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs by improving driver behaviour such as excessive idling, speeding and over-revving.
  • Electronic timesheets verify work hours of drivers, reducing admin costs and overtime claims
  • Eliminate customer disputes and absorption of discounted invoices
  • Reduce insurance claims and premiums by monitoring driver speeds and behavior
  • Reduce wear and tear on vehicles
  • Eliminate unauthorised use of company vehicles (during the working week and after hours) thereby reducing fuel and maintenance costs and increasing effective work hours of employees
  • Reduce phone bills by messaging back and forth with drivers using in cabin driver console unit



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